Liquid Treatments

Liquid Treatments

Prevent Slips and Falls, Minimize Corrosion with Liquid Treatments from KCN Solutions

Every year, slips and falls account for millions of injuries and billions of dollars in medical expenses. Companies, large and small, work with K.C.N. Solutions to reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries caused by snow and ice, which are preventable with our help.

Our liquid treatments are effective in both anti-icing and deicing your worksites.


When snow and ice is in the forecast, we alert our clients and schedule onsite visits to apply liquid treatments, which proactively prevent ice from forming where applied.


While snow is falling and ice is beginning to form, liquid treatments are effective in melting and preventing ice

The Benefits of K.C.N. Solutions Liquid Treatments

  • The Most-Effective Liquid Treatment Available
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Minimally Corrosive
  • Liquid Treatments are Not Affected by Snow Plows
  • Effective as an Anti-Icing and Deicing Solution


Our Liquid Treatment solution, known as BetterBrine™, uses anti-ice technology that can be applied 48 hours before a winter storm, or after, to ensure your walkways and parking lots stay clear of dangerous ice. The liquid prevents ice from forming by creating an environment where snow and rain is not able to freeze.

K.C.N. Solutions offers onsite liquid treatment services and stations, which can be managed and accessed, allowing your employees to apply liquid treatments as needed.


Liquid Treatment Stations

K.C.N. Solutions offer custom salt, liquid, and helipad stations, allowing you direct access to the liquid treatments when and where they are needed. Stations are elevated and convenient for employees to access.


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