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Make Your Operations Weather-Proof with K.C.N. Solutions

K.C.N. Solutions reduces the risk of weather-related damages and injuries by providing products and services designed to significantly reduce these risks.

Based in Central Illinois, we are a growing, family-owned company that works with companies large and small across the snowbelt, from New York to the Dakota's. Founded in 2013, K.C.N. Solutions is leading the shift in anti-icing, deicing, and dust control processes and products. We are passionate about providing more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions to once complicated problems.

Environmentally Friendly

At the heart of K.C.N. Solutions, (Kickapoo Creek Nursery) is a nursery. We put time and care into everything we do, and develop innovative solutions to help your company while ensuring the safety of your employees and the environment, while reducing costs. Our solutions are up to 70% less harmful on the environment and we are constantly working to reduce the overuse of chlorides and harmful chemicals that can damage your property, roads, and the local ecosystem.


Facility Risk Management

Taking risks and uncertainties out of your company will open up opportunities to save money, time, and allow better care for your employees and end customers. K.C.N. mitigates risks for all of our clients in everything that we do, from our bagless salt stations that help prevent back injuries to anti-icing liquid sprays that prevent ice from causing slip and fall injuries.

When you work with K.C.N. Solutions, you will gain a partner that looks for every opportunity to provide value to your company and employees, reducing risks, costs, and product use whenever possible.

Innovative Solutions

We pride ourselves on being the first and only company that can provide the most effective and efficient comprehensive weather-related risk mitigation products and services in the snowbelt.

Our innovative solutions include:

Global Distribution

Our capabilities are endless. K.C.N. is able to provide our services and custom-fitted products to all of the United States and beyond. From our salt, liquid, and helipad stations to our liquid spraying services, we are large and capable enough to serve your company in a variety of locations.

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