Mitsubishi Motors North America Manufacturing Division in Normal, Illinois, has contracted with Prochnow Landscaping for our snow-removal business for the past seven years. We have been pleased by their commitment to cost control through measures such as their introduction of the K.C.N. Pro Salt Station Delivery System® for treated sidewalk salt. Introduction of this system has reduced MMNA’s cost for winter sidewalk maintenance by approximately 50% and reduced our time before initial salt deployment because it provides a salt supply in close proximity to all sidewalks serving our expansive automotive assembly facility. From our experience, we recommend the K.C.N. Pro Salt Station Delivery System as a safe, effective, and easily-refillable outside storage solution for treated sidewalk salt.

Don Page
Mitsubishi Motors North America
Manufacturing Division, Normal, Illinois

We needed a product that would keep our sidewalks safe for students/staff - the product provided by K.C.N. Solutions® has more than met the “as advertised” promises. The treated salt has had a longer lasting residual effect on the ice or snow event; therefore decreasing the amount needed the next time. There has been less “bounce”, so the product ends up where it is supposed to, also leading to less salt being used, and less has been tracked into our buildings. With this delivery system, my employees are no longer lifting 50 lb. bags of salt from floor to trailer; therefore limiting the risk of back and joint injuries. It is also faster to use this delivery system than to lift bags off a pallet – we have embraced this as a way to significantly reduce the risk of injury to our employees. This is better for our people and our bottom line.

Gary R. Tipsord
LeRoy CUSD #2, Superintendent of Schools

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