Liquid Treatments

Prepare for the worst and protect your employees and property with liquid treatments, which can be applied hours before a single snowflake hits the ground. Our custom liquid treatment, Better Brine, is effective, efficient, environmentally friendly, and it will significantly decrease the amount of corrosion when compared to alternatives.

Treated Salts

Traditional white road salt stops working when temperatures dip under 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme conditions call for innovative solutions. K.C.N. offers treated salt that works effectively to melt snow and ice in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 


K.C.N.'s liquid and salt stations are self-service units that allow you to quickly treat an area, from a mile-long parking lot to a helipad. These elevated, bagless systems are installed and filled onsite, and will make applying liquids and salts easy, even in poor conditions.

Dust Control

Don't let dust or pot holes get in the way of work that needs to get done. Control the conditions of your worksite with K.C.N.'s Base Bind and X-Hesion Pro.

Bring Safety and Efficiency to Your Worksites with K.C.N. Solutions

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