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NOTICE: New for the 2024 Nursery Season

Kickapoo Creek Nursery will be offering trees and bulk goods for pickup or delivery only.  We will no longer carry container bushes, shrubs, grasses or perennials.  We also will no longer offer standard business hours to the general public.

We will be open for purchasing and pickups by appointment only.  Please fill out the below order form or call 309-378-4694 to schedule your appointment or to place an order.

We appreciate your continued business and support during this transition.

About us

At the heart of K.C.N. Solutions, (Kickapoo Creek Nursery) is a nursery. We put time and care into everything we do.  We are committed to continuing to provide the best tree stock, bulk goods and customer service that our customers have come to know and love.


Our large tree field is sure to have something for everyone. Kickapoo Creek Nursery offers a variety of zone-hardy trees available for pickup or delivery.  Our trees range in size, variety and color.

Please note: Kickapoo Creek Nursery has specific times of the year where tree harvesting is ideal.  The deciduous tree harvest period starts mid-October through early May.


Proper water is crucial for new landscape plant material.

  • Shade Trees & Evergreens should be watered every 10-14 days. Place hose at the base of the tree or evergreen at a pencil thin stream until the water starts to backflow out of the hole. Increase or decrease upon rain intervals.
  • Slow watering allows more water to enter the soil. The idea is to keep soil moist, not saturated.
  • Maintain mulch at 2" deep and fertilize each spring!

Bulk Goods

Our stock of mulch, rock, dirt and sand can be found on site and is easily accessible for loading.  We offer delivery services for an additional charge.

Approximate Coverage and Measurement Conversions

Dirt: 1CY covers approx. 70 sq.ft. when spread 2” deep
Mulch: 1CY covers approx. 100 sq.ft. when spread 2” deep
Rock: 1CY covers approx. 90 sq.ft. when spread 2” deep

*1CY = approx.  1.3T

Hardwood Mulch 2024
Chocolate Mulch 2024
CA-6 2024
White Driveway Rock 2024
River Rock 2024
Shadowstone 2024
Playground Sand 2024
MasonPool Sand 2024
Soil & Field Mix 2024


We will have various specials throughout the season and will continue our fan favorite Red Tag Sale.  Updates will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages so please be sure to give us a follow.

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